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There are many wonderful vacation destinations around the world, and many which require thousands of dollars to get to, and countless hours of travel. Lucky for you, Brisbane has a lot to offer as well. So why not stick around, enjoy some of the local activities, and take a Staycation in Brisbane instead.

A Staycation is a simple concept, instead of travelling for a vacation, you stay in the same place. And so, Staycation. Over the past few years, Staycations have massively increased in popularity, thanks to a few worldwide events that shall not be named.

Brisbane Staycations come in all shapes and sizes – from luxurious penthouse suites with terraces overlooking the city skyline, to the simple rooms with a tonne of extras for you to enjoy. Whatever type of Staycation you’re looking for in Brisbane, you’ll likely find it on the list below.

Brisbane is home to many of the world’s largest hotel brands, also many of which who’ve put together their own Staycation packages for you to enjoy. Some of them include W Brisbane, Novotel, Emporium, Next Hotels, and Stamford. 

As Staycations further gain popularity in Brisbane and beyond, you can expect more and more hotels to design Staycation packages to entice you to stay at their hotel.

You’ll be pleased to know that there are packages available for those looking for more down-time with a bit of rest and relaxation, and for those seeking to add more activities to their mini getaway and explore the surroundings. Whatever style of Staycation you’re looking for in Brisbane, a hotel likely already has it.

If you know of any Brisbane Staycations which we may have missed – please let us know. We’d greatly appreciate it!

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Brisbane Staycations FAQs

Before you want to compare all the Staycations available, you should first ask yourself what you want in a Staycation. If you’re not completely sure what type of same-city getaway you want to enjoy in Brisbane, you’ll likely compromise and find something that you won’t fully enjoy. Keep in mind, there aren’t an infinite number of Staycations available, so if you have a long list of requests, maybe it’s better to take a look at what’s available and go from there.

Prices vary – wildly. Which is fantastic, because it means there’s a Staycation package available no matter what type of budget you’re on. If you’re looking to splash out for an extra special weekend, there are hotel packages available for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a getaway on a smaller budget, there are plenty of options as well. Scroll through the list of Staycations above and you’ll find something perfect for your circumstances.

When it comes to Staycations in and around Brisbane, there’s no one size fits all. We could name this specific hotel, or another hotel, but it’s unlikely anyone could recommend the perfect one for you – unless they know you quite well. Your best bet to find the most suitable Staycation for yourself is to browse all of the ones available above, see what they all have to offer, give the hotel a call even, and go from there. Good luck!