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From Big Ben to the Houses of Parliament, London, England, has no shortage of tourist destinations – making it a perfect place for your next Staycation. Its 2,000-year-old history gives the city a level of depth that many other locations can’t match – not only in age but also in the preservation of the past. 

Many of London’s architectural landmarks have stood for hundreds of years and are still maintained today. Some of the more popular and older attractions include Tower London (built in 1078), Westminster Abbey (built in 1245), British Museum (built in 1753), and Tower Bridge (built in 1894) – but of course, that’s not all that the city has to offer.

Being the setting for many hit TV shows and movies, such as Sherlock and Shaun of the Dead, it attracts not only tourists but also film and TV lovers. Many of the locations that played on the big screen are easily accessible to visitors and often have private excursions. Fans of the Harry Potter series will be thrilled to know that there is a Warner Bros. Studio Tour that takes aspiring witches and wizards to iconic set pieces, such as Platform 9¾ and Diagon Alley, and brings them to see the magic that was the behind-the-scenes secrets. 

There are also tours for fans of Downtown Abbey, Doctor Who, James Bond, and so much more. There is something for everyone, both tourists and fans, and it’s no surprise that London sees over 15.3 million travellers in a year, who all visit this old city to appreciate its heritage and its place in pop culture. As a result, it should also be no surprise that London has become a popular Staycation destination for many families in the last few years.

A staycation is the combination of the words ‘stay’ and ‘vacation’. As it suggests, it’s a vacation that someone takes, but stays within their city or country. Although it may not sound as fun as an international trip, it has a lot of benefits. Not only do you save on the costs of a plane ticket, but you can also save on fees for exchanging currency, foreign transaction fees, emergency expenses, visa fees, travel insurance, and so much more. 

Beyond money, you can also avoid the headaches of airports, jet lag, language or cultural barriers, and homesickness. When you sit down and really think about it, there are a lot of hassles and expenses for an overseas trip. As a result, Staycations have been becoming more attractive for vacationers and many hotels have been offering exclusive deals that are targeted specifically at those who want to stay in the country.

Just like tourist destinations, London also has no shortage of Staycation packages. Many offer lower rates for rooms and suites and additional features. These add-ons typically include complimentary breakfasts, a bottle of champagne or wine, free access to a fitness centre and pool, and discounts for food and beverages. 

However, each package is different, and some can have themes, such as a romantic overnight with rose petals and chocolate-dipped strawberries or a stay in the countryside that’d indulge its guest with surrounding nature, peace, and tranquillity. You might have to look around, but there is one for every type of occasion and person, so all of your dreams can come true.

Staycation breakfast at a hotel in London
Stroll through the city during a London Staycation

Some notable packages can be found with the following hotels: The Ned, The Dorchester, The Prince Akatoki, Shaftesbury Hotel, Millennium, The Savoy, The Hair, Shangri-La, The Athenaeum, The Montcalm, The Montagu, The Mandeville, and The Goring. 

At these locations, you can be guaranteed a luxurious stay with all your needs met and fulfilled, but this list isn’t complete. If you know a staycation deal that we don’t, holler and let us know! There are hidden gems all over the city, so let’s bring them to light and let everyone have the vacation that they deserve!

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