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A Sydney Staycation where you can enjoy nice walks

Travel as we know it has changed. No longer do you need to take long haul flights halfway around the world to have yourself a little vacation. No longer do you need to spend thousands of dollars on flights. And no longer to you need to plan months in advance to spend 20% of your vacation travelling. Introducing, the Staycation.

A Staycation simply means staying where you are and having a vacation. Lucky for you, there are plenty of Sydney Staycations available for you to choose from. And double lucky for you, we’ve created a list of all the ones available in Sydney for you to browse and compare.

Whether you’re after a high-end luxurious stay with all the extras, or you simply want to unwind in a peaceful environment without all the worldly distractions, there’s a Staycation in Sydney perfect for you.

Get started on your journey by scrolling down below and discovering some of the many wonderful same-city getaways waiting to welcome you.

Many of the large hotel brands in Sydney offer Staycation packages – fitting nearly all budgets and desires. Including Park Royal, Novotel, The Langham, Park Hyatt, and more. Times are always changing, and so are the package that these hotels offer – so make sure to check back on a regular basis to find new and exciting deals when they become available.

Browse through the list below and you’ll be able to compare them all, choosing the perfect Staycation for you.

Lastly, if you know of a Sydney Staycation that should be added to the list, please let us know. We’d greatly appreciate it!

Sydney travellers enjoying a staycation in a hotel

List of Sydney Staycations

Welcome to Australia’s largest list of Staycations in Sydney.

Sydney Staycations FAQs

Finding the perfect Staycation, surprisingly, isn’t that difficult. Most of the hotels above have been in the business for quite a while, creating packages and deals over many years, and fine-tuning them to give their guests the ultimate Staycation experience. If, however, none of the listings pique your interest, give them hotel a call to see if they can arrange a custom package for you.

There’s no denying it, Sydney has some of the most idyllic scenery and landscapes in the world. If you want to make sure of your Staycation has some of the best views, definitely opt for a hotel situated along the harbour – and there are plenty of them so it won’t be hard to find one. On the other hand, if you already live in the city, make it’s time to getaway from it all and enjoy the country-side or head down to the beach for a few days.

There are hundreds of hotels in Sydney, all fighting to be the one to welcome you on your next getaway. In saying that, many of the deals and packages they offer are constantly changing to keep up with the times, making it difficult to say that this hotel or that hotel is the best at any one point in time. The best hotel is the one that offers a Staycation that’s in line with what you want the most.