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Adelaide is a wonderful city – the parks, the beaches, the landscapes, all coming together to create a truly unique city. So why spend thousands on flights and countless hours travelling halfway around the world, when you can have your very own getaway right here in Adelaide. Welcome to your next Staycation.

A Staycation is just that, staying in one place and taking a vacation at the same time. Getting away from it all, without getting away from it all. Taking a little extra time to get to know the city you call home. Discovering some hidden gems and truly enjoying your home town.

And lucky for you, there are plenty of Adelaide Staycation deals and packages for you to take advantage of. Simply scroll down below and you’ll see some of Adelaide’s most popular hotels have put together a range of fantastic deals to suite all budgets.

Playing home to some of the world’s largest and most recognisable hotel brands, many of them have put together various Staycations around Adelaide for you to enjoy. Some of them include The Playford, Sage Hotels, Stamford, Adina, and Miller.

No matter whether you’re looking for a luxurious getaway with all the pampering you need, or you’re after something a little more simple and relaxing, there’s likely a Staycation below perfect for you.

So what are you waiting for? Browse through all the Staycations below and find the one which ticks all the boxes.

If you know of any Adelaide Staycations which we may be missed, please let us know. We’d greatly appreciate it!

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Adelaide Staycations FAQs

Close your eyes for a second and use your imagination. You’re thinking about booking a Staycation somewhere in and around Adelaide. Where are you? What are you doing? Are you sitting in a jacuzzi enjoying a glass of wine? On the golf course beating a personal record? Or simply enjoying the little things in life like an ultra-luxurious breakfast in bed? Whatever makes you the happiest, is what you should look or when picking a Staycation.

Lucky for you, many of Adelaide’s most popular hotels, and not so popular ones (but still great), have all prepared packages and deals with a wide range of extras – which makes it quite easy to pick and choose the best ones. Of course, we can’t tell you which one is the best for you, because only you know what your ideal Staycation would look like. So browse through all the listings above and find the one that fits your individual desires.

You bet! Hotels are service providers, and the best ones will do everything in their arsenal to provide you with the perfect stay at their location. If you’re unable to find a hotel package that suits your needs in the list above, give them a call and see if they can put together a little special custom Staycation package just for you.